Virtual Reality Technology

I was recently reading mangas like . Hack//sign and 1/2 Prince and I’m wondering if our technology will ever reach the point where you can just put on a helmet and connect it to a console/PC and “SEND” urself into a game. . And what you see is what you do kind of thing like 1/2 Prince. It would be really cool wouldn’t it lol. Will this kind of virtual reality thing ever be created? How long will it take XD. I think I found an answer. The Virtual Reality trend faded any time ago. There were Virtual Reality games and helmets. The ones you could play at home were horrible. Nintendo released the worst. I think it was named a V-Boy, it was awful. There were any very high quality ones that for a couple of years you could actually go to a location and play. The High Quality ones had many problems. First of all human height varies, too much. Since people assume they were going to aim at children, they were shocked when they found out any had warnings they couldn’t play and pretty much all a child couldn’t play because the helmets were lifted in the air and stopped at a certain height. They also posed a problem for people taller. Most types you also couldn’t actually walk around, you had to stand in place with a heavy annoying helmet being partly supported so it wouldn’t break your neck. it having little movement. Then the price was an issue. At the time any of the Virtual Reality games cost as much for one play as buying a brand new game. Most they had at about 10 dollars. It was too much at the time. Better detection these days to place people in a 3D enviornment is so expensive that it’s not rational to use it to play Virtual Reality games. People are content with just using that to build 3D characters and objects for Movies and Games. Then everyone can stare at the 3D for a much lower price. If you are confused because watching a movie is over 10 dollars so it doesn’t sound bad to play a game for 10 dollars. The length of gameplay was timered and mostly you couldn’t complete the tutorial in that time. There has been rational and irrational inflation so the cheapest for gameplay by now would probably be 50 dollars for 2-8 minutes of play time. Much cheaper to watch Avatar in 3D and spend two hours instead of 2 minutes. If you are hopeing to send your brain into a computer. Your brain is too large for a current Hard Drive. There is a problem where your brain has total chaos over where things are used and stored. It’s posible no two brains are enough alike to pull of sending your mind into a game. There are things working on causing things to happen in programs and with robots based on brainwaves though. It could take days to get one of these programs to figure out one person’s up, down, left, or right though so they are not a good choice and still your mind is not in the computer. Added: I found the Nintendo Nightmare. They didn’t work very well. They’d flicker and the game would get messed up. Here are the VERY BEST games you could have gotten on Virtual Boy. Usually they had the Triangular Air/Space Craft game on the display models because that did the most with 3D enviornments. People also had seizures and other problems. Even healthy people got sick from playing for over so many minutes.

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