Ultrasound Technology

Is there an ultrasound technician job that focuses mostly on pediatric ultrasounds, or like, pregnant people? What is this called? Also, how much schooling would that be? Are there any colleges in the US that have a great program in ultrasound technology? Thank you. I think I found an answer. Ultrasound tech (just like any other of the medical 'tech' jobs) are low level careers in the medical field. They offer no chance for advancement and the education you take does count for anything if you ever want to move up in the world. These careers are acceptable for a lot of people, but if you know you have a greater potential than just a lowly tech job, I wouldn't waste your time on it. I do not know of any ultrasound certification that works specifically with children, but there are these positions at pediatric hospitals. Babies with heart defects certainly need qualified ultrasound techs. Beware of for-profit schools that teach these careers- deeply research where you plan to go and I suggest avoiding any for-profit college.

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