Touch Screen Technology

If so how. ? Cheers. I think I found an answer. Hello, (ANS) Currently touch screen technologies are NOT integrated into the computer operating system. What do I mean bye this? Most touch screen technologies work by a) having a specialist hardware which has touch screen b) the operating system can ONLY work with the touch screen hardware by using special software which has API (application programing interfaces) that allow touch screen interaction to take place. NOTE: Currently any supermarket or retail cash tills, job center systems, any travel agent systems or airport systems do have touch screen abilities. ALSO:- Microsoft have indicated that their next major version of the Windows client or desktop operating system (currently called windows 7 ) will come with multi-touch & touch screen abilities as standard but most end users will need to buy a special touch screen monitor to use this though i. E. New hardware. **No. Multi touch and touch screen system works because of special API’s built into the OS to allow it. Kind Regards Ivan computer veteran, windows user since 1989, MCSE trained.

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