The Latest Technology

I'm building website and like to include as many latest applications & technology in site. Please suggest what can be the possible inclusions. What I found out was – "include as many latest applications & technology" Why? You should only incorporate technologies as you need them. If you try to use too much with no real purpose for using them, you just clutter your code base, as well as over complicate everything. You should want your application to be as small as possible, as efficient as possible, while still providing the service you intended. Now, if you are trying to include technologies as a form of resume or something, then those should be addons to your site and not part of the core application. The core application should contain only the technology require to run the site, and any technologies you want to show case with examples should site on top of the application. ————– At the very least, if you are building a website, you should at least know HTML and CSS. Depending on the server side technology you are more familiar with, that is what you should use to tie your site to any processes you want to execute.

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