Smart House Technology

I am doing a paper, and it's really important that I come up with as many really different smart technology that many people don't know of. We all know of the house, and the phone. I need something really different. Please help. . Do you know what I found? A host of so-called smart technologies is emerging to make it possible to build roads, bridges, mass transit systems, schools, hospitals, and electric grids faster and better, and to operate them more efficiently. There are tensions over how smart to make the country's infrastructure, though. On one side, tech leaders portray this as an unprecedented opportunity for the U. S. To catch up with countries in Asia and the Middle East that have spent billions on futuristic cities and other projects in recent years. "Smarter infrastructure is by far our best path to creating these new, globally competitive jobs and stimulating growth," stated IBM (IBM) Chief Executive Samuel J. Palmisano in January, after meeting with Obama to discuss the stimulus package. TECH SKEPTICS Of course, IBM and other companies have a lot to gain from investments in tech-savvy infrastructure. Among the tech powerhouses, Cisco Systems (CSCO), Accenture, (ACN) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) are all launching new initiatives to profit from the opportunity. Construction giants Bechtel and Fluor (FLR) are developing their tech expertise to gain a competitive edge, as are equipment makers such as General Electric (GE) and Siemens (SI). Market researcher IDC estimates that sales of technology for infrastructure projects could top $122 billion by 2012.

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