Smart House Technology

I am writing an English essay on technology, but I am kind of having a writer's block right now, so I need any suggestions. A smart house takes care of ones housework at ones command. In a smart house, all gadgets are synchronized in one way and controlled by a remote. I emphasized on the advantages, but I also want to be open to the disadvantages. I believe a family unit can definitely benefit from a smart house. Housework is taken care of by smart houses. What are the disadvantages of this? Thanks for your input. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. You should watch the Simpson's episode of it; the house goes crazy and trys to kill Homer. It's awesome. But seriously, I know that's very unlikely to happen. However, you could talk about the use of electricity – which must be generated somehow. And the reliance on technology – if it fails, will people retain the ability to clean, or are they likely to have forgotten how, and end up living in filth like in London (causing another Black Plague situation) – I'm talking about in a couple of generations here. Also, people are going to lose jobs – any people are paid to clean, what will these people now do to survive?

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