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I moved into a house 9 months ago and the loft conversion is great but awkward. It has the stairs in the middle of the room very low ceilings on both sides then its high in the middle, it's shape enough to walk around but the stais are in the way. Also there is space at the low part, the kid that used to be there before had a bed there. I need any help, what furniture should I get floor seats? Chairs? Table? Daybed? Desk? How do I arrange it? I truly need a interior designer To wa. Well, I have your answer right here. I am not a professional interior designer, but I have designed interiors. Without seeing your space I am guessing at what the size actually is. Consider using the low sides for storage. Put in inexpensive cabinets that fit from any big-box store (ie: Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Or Ikea). Any space that seems useless – isn't. Think "storage" for everything. A cheaper way might be to building bookshelves and use pretty baskets to hold your various items or clothing in. Since the stairs are in the middle of the room, maybe turn one half into the bed area and the other half into your study/lounge area. You can purchase low to the floor chairs to give you head room and turn a coffee table into a desk if it's needed. Remove the legs if necessary: #prodSlot=medium_1_29&term=chair 2nd photo here: Storage: Consider keeping your bed close to the floor to make the whole space look roomier. Like the 3rd photo here: Make the bed comfy and put a cozy quilt or blanket on top. Add big pillows for color that can be used for seating when needed. Mount your lamps on the wall to be out of the way. Maybe incorporate at headboard with a shelf at the top, too. I would consider keeping all your colors light – maybe most white and creams then use pops of color with pillows or miscellaneous items. Hope this helps a bit and you are inspired. I wish you well.

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