Role Of Technology

. I was so glad to find this — Technology can play several roles in business. 1. Productivity increases when data processing tasks can be automated. This allows businesses to server more customers with less resources. 2. Managers make more informed decisions when the various metrics of business can be tracked and reported on in more meaningful ways. 3. Businesses can use the Internet to broaden their markets and reach new customers. Of course the Internet also means increased competition. 4. Technology based info security and integrity is a significant different over padlocks on filing cabinets. Digitized info improves our ability to preserve and protect data, but also creates new vulnerabilities that must be addressed. 5. Remote desktop and computing abilities create the opportunity for info workers to telecommute. This allows businesses to address a variety of concerns including the need for less office space, reduction in commuting expenses, allowing employees the ease to deal with various family circumstances and more. This is just a sampling.

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