Patio Garden Ideas

Hi. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas on a low budget garden and patio. As of now, we are in a manufactured home with no steps on the front. So we need to build steps to a patio or a deck with steps. Also I would like to put in a low cost low maint. Flower bed. Anything you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks. What I found out was – For a patio you could use patio blocks from any home store (lowes, home depot, etc) in lots of different sizes and shapes. A little labor and any sand base, then lay them in place. The store will have lots of tips on how to do this. For cheap steps, any dimensional lumber like 2x12s screwed together with any galvanized screws should work okay for low budget. Home store probably has books or pamphlets on this too. Just make any stair stringers, and put on steps and deck, rest on the nice patio blocks you just installed.

Cheap college decorating tip on planting for your garden or patio. Www. Simpleguides. Tdbpress. Com.

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