The Proper Use Of SEO For Your Online Marketing

SEO, or search engine marketing takes into account the utilization of search engines and how people use them to find what they want. The best way to describe the process is that search engines provide a way for people to find information on just about any topic they are looking for. It is like having a giant encyclopedia with instant results.

For example if you want to find information on the topic of “best hot dog preparation,” you just type that into the search engine box, and you will get instant answers.

If you have a business that sells hot dogs, you want your business name to come up on the first page of the search engine results page, and preferably in the number one position.

The way that this is done is to have the key word phrase of ‘best hot dog preparation” strategically placed on your web page, as well as great content as far as giving good information about that topic.

Once that is accomplished, you should master the art of backlinks. Backlinks are links to your site from another website, blog, forum or other such item. The idea is that if people feel your information is valuable, their link to you is giving it applause, so to speak. Google looks at that as more ‘juice’ for your site in the rankings.

It used to be that the more backlinks you got to your site the better. Now the backlinks need to be of a certain type. What people were doing wast to set up link farms where different blogs would be created to link to other blogs, that would link to your site. This would cause your website to rank artificially high because of all the backlinks.

Google has now discredited such and arrangement, and only organic links to your site will have a positive effect. This is because now it will be the real thing, instead of a contrived situation. If the link comes from another unrelated website, a comment or a post on a blog, or a forum, these would be basically unsolicited links and that is what will rank your site higher.

Another way to get your product noticed and your site ranking higher is to produce a video on YouTube about your hot dog products. Google owns YouTube and if you can get your video ranked, it will in turn, push more juice toward your website.
Many times, if your video is relevant, it will rank more quickly than the website itself. That is why you will frequently see videos ranked on page one of Google results pages. Local Marketing Results are experts at ranking video and have proven results when working with customers who wish to gain an advantage over their competition and have so far proven themselves to be the best SEO business in Dartford.

The real emphasis is to have good, fresh content on your website so the people who are searching for a subject will find it, and in the process find you. If you can rank in the first five slots on page one of the search engines, you will have lots of people looking at your website and purchasing your products.


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