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WHEN someone says, 'I believe only in what I can see,' he is not speaking literally. Actually, we all believe in things that we cannot see. For example, at school you may have performed an experhyment designed to prove the existence of a magnetic field. It may go like this: Sprinkle iron filings on a sheet of paper. Then place the sheet over the magnet. When the sheet is vibrated, as if by magic the iron filings bunch up near the magnet's poles and form into the pattern of the magnetic field. If you did that, could you actually notice the magnetic field? No, but its effect on the iron filings is plain to see, giving you convincing proof that magnetism exists. SCIENCE DISCOVERIES PROVES GOD EXIST. I think I found an answer. Well, I do find that the more I studied science, the more it proved to me there was a God. An intelligent & reasonable person will automatically find themselves led to that conclusion when they actually study both science & the Bible- it really becomes unavoidable. People don't realize how many scientists do also believe in God, & in many cases how their study of such is what led them to believe in God in the first place. In addition, any of the greatest scientific minds in history also believed in God. People whoever think theology & science aren't related areas of study baffle me- when you study both, you find that to be completely untrue. It also baffles me that anyone is bold enough to strongly claim that science & religion are 'enemies', as it only serves to show a clear lack of thorough study from their end- there has never been anything that science has disproved in the Bible- I would love to notice someone relate one specific instance that anything in the Bible has been proved untrue by any fields of science. In fact, it's been quite the opposite. The article you provided was very well-balanced on both sides of the debate, resulting in much unbiased logic. Whereas the arguments in these answers against religion are very one-sided, unbalanced arguments- which really make for terribly biased, illogical cases for their side. They clearly haven't studied both subjects in depth at all- if they had, they'd find that the 2 aren't enemies at all. They claim study, yet when have they studied the Bible? They've studied one side of an issue & think they can claim full accurate study. No such thing if you haven't studied the other side. They think that ALL people of faith have not studied fields of science etc- again they are mistaken. You see, the very 'blind belief' they like to innaccurately accuse us of, they are showing themselves. Even an attorney examines in depth the 'other side' so as to be best prepared. Have any of these people dug & studied enough of the other side to be prepared to defend their own argument? Very clearly not. Very few people 'study' when it comes to their beliefs- they either pick what's most convenient for themselves like a multiple choice question, or the one thing that's most familiar to them. And yes, I have studied science, history, archaeology, astronomy, etc- and you know what? It's proved even more to me there is a God. So yes, I have examined the other side. Study the Bible along with history & the sciences & they'll find even more proof. Those that aren't willing to make the effort don't care about truth as much as they say they do. They must know enough about that which they don't believe before they can truly say they KNOW it's not truth. And as far as arguments that 'nothing in the Bible has been proven true', there has been countless history, science, geography, archaeology, & chronology findings that point to the fact that the actual historic events happened, people lived, & geographical places existed from the Bible. And, not only was the Bible correct on all science-related things it stated, it was thousands of years before these were 'discovered' by humans. People need to do more thorough research. Science is simply a study of finding & utilizing things that already existed- as history shows, it's quite a long & lengthy process for humans to find & try to even remotely understand & utilize what was already there in nature— that's right, put there by God. After all, why is it designs in nature that science continues to try to replicate? Because that's where the original & & most intelligent designs are. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against science. On the contrary, I love & am fascinated with it- the depth, complication, yet pure logic & beauty, that it continues uncover in the long-standing original designs by God makes my love & respect for Him grow even more. Thank you, science.

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