New It Technology

Do you like the technology these days or is it getting out of hand. Do you know what I found? Depends on the technology. Not all technologies are inherently evil, nor are all technologies good in every respect. While we say that technology makes our lives better, humans tend to be whiny no matter how good their lives are. Additionally, if you don’t know about an uncreated technology, you cannot very well miss it to the point where you would complain about how hard your life is without it. 20 years ago, no one said “man, my life really sucks because I cannot contact people on my portable telephone that can go with me anywhere I go. ” personally i’d say the biggest concern with technology right now is the waste produced from it. Carbon dioxide emissions are becoming an increasingly larger problem as technologies build up larger industries that require more power and as people buy more and more things to consume that power. These technologies, while they may make us more entertained or more efficient in our daily lives, they come at a cost beyond money. On the opposite side of that, future technologies may very well be able to assist us with this problem, or help to slow it down and control carbon emissions. i’m not going to pretend im any humble nomad who lives in harmony with the land though, as I sit here and type on a computer in a house with air conditioning on a road in a city full of lights with a car to drive me to work to type on another computer to make money to spend on more stuff. It is somewhat troubling is not it. . But I dont think there is any turning back from technological advancement now (beside a full on nuclear war to wipe out all infrastructure and set back the surviving humans thousands of years,) but rather creating new technologies that are more renewable or maintable.

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