Media Technology

. Well, I have your answer. How media and technology influences community health? Well, technology must have influences community health as technology plays a very big role in making it possible and easier to carry out a medical procedure. A dialysis machine, for example, is a technology which is being used to treat kidney failure. So definitely technology influences community health by making it possible to identify and cure diseases that were once deemed incurable. I believe that the role of technology is a very crucial part of medical health as I can't imagine any health practice which does not make use of technology unless you are speaking about mental health. Too many health practices are dependent on technology. Technology is even used to keep a 'vegetable' still alive otherwise he would be no more than a corpse. Now, media on the other hand influences community health by having discussions about a new health procedure or policy which has been implemented regarding community health, like the new abortion policy in oklahoma (not sure if it is related though. . ) The media plays the role of mediator between the community and the medical professionals or law makers to determine what is the best for the community health. I hope I did not go out of point and was able to answer the question. .

Showreel of student work and student experiences at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) studying Media Technology.

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