Landscaping Ideas

Anyone know a website where I could get pics of home landscaping to get some ideas. Well, I've your answer. Color is one of the basic elements of landscape design. Click on the pictures in this gallery for examples of how to put color theory into practice in your landscaping: The photos in this gallery are examples of how plant form and texture are treated in landscape design. Create focal points to direct the eye to an area. Symmetry is used to help focus attention on a particular spot. Scale and line are examples of other landscape design concepts that deal with eye movement. Create your design and explore your new garden in 3D: Easy-care perennial rock garden: Just Gardeners contains a gallery of forum users's own photos (click on each name to view their gardens): Several landscape designs: Top 10 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Landscaping: Water-wise landscape: ,2496,HGTV_22056_63839,00. Html Mediterranean backyard landscaping plan video: Backyard & sideyard makeover ideas video: Curb Appeal Landscaping video: Create different levels, retaining walls, planting areas. Xeriscaping. Creating flat areas & terrancing down. Use low-maintenance perennials in your garden, using native plants, ornamental grasses, Coneflowers (Echinacea), Salvia, Sedum, Coreopsis, Gayfeathers, Daylilies, Geranium, Butterfly Bush (buddleia ), Liatris (Blazing Star), Peony, Black-Eyed Susan, Echinacea, Gaillardia, Asiatic Lily, Russian Sage, Lupines, Aster, Mountain Bluet, (Centaurea montana), Bluebells, Campanula, Lamb's Ears, Yucca, & Yarrow ((Achillea millefolium)). "Knock Out" Roses will bloom all summer & are almost carefree. The Daylily now has colorful "everbloomers" . . That bloom all summer until frost. Echinacea now comes in various colors. A video about low maintenance perennials: This site lists plants for sunny positions & for shady conditions, to give you an idea of what kind of plants you can use in different areas: A summer to September garden gallery slideshow: Monet's Garden, Giverny: .. Hope this is helpful.

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