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Hey frnds,I am in b. Com final year, n am doing interior design from iift raipur 1 year diploma course n I am very much interested in interiors so for my bright future n career I should do job? Is 1 year diploma is sufficient or I should study further?? Plz suggest me so I can get out of my confusion. . Thankyou. I think I found an answer. Great interest.. I'm not in interior field but as far as I googled about interior designing experience is more important than seeking degree in it. This career is for? This career is for those people who are passionate about design and are artistic. Since this career involves designing homes/properties, and then executing those designs to create the environment that the client wants, the person should have excellent management and communication skills, as well as be creative with his/her work. Those people who are good at maintaining their spending according to a budget as well as people who have a good knowledge about various materials are people who should defiantly be looking at interior designing as a potential career path. Moreover, people who have an eye for detail and enjoys solving puzzles would be an ideal interior designer. What are Salary Prospects? In India, Depending on the employer and one's experience the salary, including bonuses and commission for assistant interior designers ranges between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. For senior interior designers, the salary, including bonuses and commission is approximately Rs. 800,000 to Rs. 3,000,000 per annum. How is Competition? Becoming an interior designer is not easy because the industry is closed. However, if you have the basic principles and the passion, you can become an interior designer. One way of entering the industry and creating a good impression with potential future employers is to get internships to gain real world knowledge. Between 2008 and 2018, the interior design employment was expected to grow from 19%-20% thus proving that the industry is growing. Interior design does not have the structured career path or clear promotion-based approach found in many other industries. This is partly due to the very diverse nature of the design world and its liking for self-employment, but also because this is a creative industry. To a large extent, interior designers must make their own career initiative, ambition, and individual skill and creativity are the key to success. Luck can be an important factor too. Locations where this career is good? Interior designing has a lot of scope throughout the world; UK, US, India etc. Career Path Over the years this field has become more specialised and employers give more importance to academic and professional background. Studying engineering or architecture before specialising in interior design can be helpful. Many design schools offer interior designing courses and some offer masters in fine arts with a specialisation in interior design happy career. . .

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