Interior Home Design

I am interested in becoming an architect. I know what kind of architecture I want to be. But I dont know what its call. I just want to draw a single homes w/ rooms, bathroom, living room and ext from foundation up. What is it call? Interior design or professional home design. Basically… That is called an architect. An interior designer is a licensed professional (as is architect) who is the type of person who helps out on the show trading spaces. They "design interiors. " They will usually be knowledgeable in fabric, color, material, and geometric organization. A professional home designer is usually a person who is not licensed or registered and draws up house plans. They call themself home designer because they are not licensed and not allowed to use architect. An architect is a registered professional licensed to practice architecture and design buildings (including homes)

Interior Design San Diego Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson reveals Interior Design videos like you've never seen design before on YouTube. . . . . Designing the. . .

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