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PLEASE READ: So I’m a Junior in High School and this is around the time where getting ready for college is very hectic. I want to go to a University to Major in Interior design and one of the requirements to even be able to get accepted into the college is to have a Portfolio. I don’t even know where to start and i’m very confused. Here are any of my questions: 1) What should an Interior Design Portfolio even consist of if I’m only 17 and have very little experiece in this area? 2) When should I apply for college? And what should I do to prepare myself because i’m very nervous and confused. (any website links on helpful info would also be appreciated. ) ***PLEASE ONLY ANSWER THIS QUESTION IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE IN INTERIOR DESIGN OR KNOW FOR A FACT WHAT HAS TO BE DONE. IF YOU ANSWER THIS QUESTION PLEASE PROVIDE THE SOURCE OF YOUR INFORMATION. *** Thanks in advance. Well, I’ve your answer right here. A portfolio for the Interior Design department of a college shouldn’t be so hard . Cos at the end you’ve zero experience in designing right ? So you’ve to create a visual or digital portfolio of whatever you designed till now. It doesn’t need to be professional but at least you’ve to show that you’ve the TALENT .. It may be your basic sketches, black white freehand drawings ,simple drafting samples if you ever experienced ,maybe something you designed ( a wall ,painting . Etc ) . . Etc. So any material that connects you to be an interior designer may be appreciated in this portfolio. But don’t forget whether it’s a digital portfolio or visual pront-out ,you have to design your portfolio as well … That’s soooo important more than what you’ve inside. If it’s digital use sofwares like photoshop ,create nice templates and should be continious from one page to another ; if it’s a print out they have to be same size nicely covered ,choose nice colors .. If you don’t have any material for instance ,please start to create your own portfolio pages. . Start a drafting course ,or an art course. Paint ,color ,design anything,take lots of pictures around. Etc. Collect your sources then it’ll be easier when it comes to applying . good luck ..

This is a series of videos that covers the basics of Adobe InDesign CS6 for the purpose of creating an Interior Design Portfolio. © Brooke Godfrey 2012.

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