Ideas For Your Garden

I have a daughter who is special needs and she goes to mainstream school, I am thinking of getting a sensory garden put up around the school, I think it will benefit a lot of other children at the school, does anyone know any fund raising ideas or who I can approach for a grant for this project. Appreciate any good ideas. I think I found an answer. What a wonderful idea. Remember, though, that a school garden is a lasting commitment. Depending on the climate, you will want to make sure that you can easily get water to the garden site, and that people will water during the summer months. Also, be sure to get the school maintenance people on your side. Their support can make or break your efforts. Choosing plants is fun–see if a teacher would be willing to involve kids in the process so that they can feel a part of the process. As far as grants, you have several options. The National Gardening Association offers grants for school gardens, as well as lots of information. At the NAAEE (North American Alliance for Environmental Education) website, you can find a resource called "EE-Link" that has a huge database of environmental grants. And Wal-Mart also offers grants occasionally–check with your local store. If you prefer fundraising, Dutch Gardens runs a bulb sale fundraiser that I've found very successful. You take the orders, they send the bulbs at the right time for planting, and you get to keep 50% of the money. Helping kids to grow a garden is a wonderful experience.

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