How To Design Your Garden

I want to build a botanical garden in the town I live in, it will be a private land that is not for profit company and open to public for a few dollars. What are resources I can use to get me started on the research for this project, remember its large scale so small garden info isn't that useful. I have found lots of gardening design/plant/etc info but its all for small scale, I am going to be building a several acre garden. What considerations should I think about? How much space? What plants? Legal issues? What about designs, information on design of large scale parks. Do you know what I found? That's great that want to develop a public/private garden. They're such a benefit to our communities. Personally, I'm only the beneficiary of visiting public gardens. . I've never had a hand in the design of one. My favorite garden is the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, in Lehi. It covers 100+ acres. The garden is divided into smaller themed gardens. If you're working with limited space and budget, you may want to develop the garden one section at a time, while working with a master plan. Regarding plant selection, each sub-garden features different plant varieties. For example "The Scented Garden" contains plants that are extremely fragrant. "The Hidden Garden" uses plants that provide good screening and are visual interesting. Another "garden" that does this well is Disneyland. When I visit the park, I'm fascinated so see how the park is divided into "outdoor rooms. " This actually makes the park larger than it really is. Have you talked to others who have already developed a private botanical garden? I believe the Thanksgiving Point Gardens was designed by Larry Sagers, a professor at Utah State University. He's still actively involved in the gardens. You aught to talk to him. A visit to the gardens would also be well worth your time. On a related note, I'm also creating my own virtual "public" garden at Though the site can't replicate the feeling and smells of visiting a garden in person, it aims to be great venue for sharing inspiration and specific designs. The site features web-based home and landscape design software. The goal of the site is to eventually put together thousands of quality garden designs and provide the tools for people to design their own homes and gardens.

How to build unique and complex garden fireplaces, garden kitchens, BBQ, grills, smokehouses, plates, . . . + slideshow of our work.

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