Home To Home Furniture

My home office is based out of Texas. Basically… Home office furniture would be tax deductible, as long as you use it only for your business. If you bought a computer for use for the business, a desk to put the computer on, a lamp to shine light on the desk and the computer, a phone line for the computer to connect to the internet, these would all be deductible Home Office Furniture as long as you used them 100% for the business. If you did then 100% of what you paid for them is deductible as a business expense in the yr you bought them. The only question is though, is your home office part of a Schedule C business? If so then you can list all the assets on Form 4562 and take section 179 depreciation on them. That will let you write them totally off in the yr you bought them. If you have a home office as part of your job requirement, then you would still report the assets on Form 4562 and take section 179 depreciation, but the depreciation would flow through to Form 2106 – Employee Business Expenses, which would in turn flow to Schedule A – Itemized Deductions – Miscellaneous Deductions, and would have to exceed 2% of your AGI for the excess to be deductible.

Whether you need furniture for an upcoming event, a film shoot or want to maximise the sale price of your hom. . .

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