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I'm actually making a researched regarding that and how it will affect to the daily life in such an individual. I want any deep explaination or maybe a summarize perhaps. Pls. Help me I need it so badly. I was happy to learn… Well, there are a lot of cause and effects of high tech gadgets. Firstly, you know its costly. For example, seen those tech gadgets that the x-men, james bond movies have? A low-income individual would not have the resources to get one of these. Secondly, look at how it would affect the community, the world. Would new gadgets provide better services or faster work and make it easier for people to live? Third, there are questions of how it affects the environment, the earth, ecology. Etc. . Its easier to start your research with the questions of how, where, when, who, which and why. Then you elaborate on each questions. Hope it helps.

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