Garden Landscape

I'm starting what I would call a "garden club" at my church. Just some folks to get together and plant, weed, water, etc. Fall clean up, put some mulch down in the beds we already have established. Some guy on my email list said I shouldn't call it garden club, I should call it landscaping. My gut instinct is that most women between the ages of 35-60 are not going to sign up for anything named "landscaping. " Landscaping sends out pictures in your mind of rail road ties, loads of top soil, moving boulders around, etc. Oh, and mowing the lawns. We aren't doing that. Besides. . The landscaping has been done. (And for the women landscapers out there, I'm not saying we CAN'T landscape, I'm saying this isn't about landscaping. ) Does that make sense? Any good ideas for what to call the garden club? Thanks. I think I found an answer. "Garden club" is more appealing. "Landscaping" sounds like drudgery, garden club sounds like a social event.

The Brownstone Revival Coalition was pleased to have Susan Welti and Paige Keck, Co-Owners of Foras Studio LLC, as one of it's three special guest speakers f. . .

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