Design A Garden

What is the best way to design a herb garden. Essentially — Plan your garden before planting it. Consider the herbs you want to plant and what you'll use them for. Herbs grow in various ways; some herbs, such as thyme, are low growing and spreading while others, such as parsley, grow in clumps. Mint is a taller, vigorously growing herb which often needs to be contained. Herbs are considered either annuals or perennials and many will bloom just like more traditional flowers. List or draw your garden on paper first. If you know the size of your garden you'll easily be able to choose the appropriate plants. Likewise, if you have certain herbs in mind you'll able to plan the right size garden. Plan Your Herb Garden – Herbs 101 –

How to build unique and complex garden fireplaces, garden kitchens, BBQ, grills, smokehouses, plates, . . . + slideshow of our work.

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