Cloud Technology

. Essentially — “Cloud” computing is a buzz word that refers to remote computer resources delivered as services over a network, generally the internet. Cloud storage is the most popular term. This tech is not new, only the term cloud is. They were named “internet hard drives” before the word cloud came along. Cloud computing can refer to more advanced things like virtual environments served over the internet as well. Also remote applications that you can use which are hosted online. Types of cloud computing: IAAS infrastructure as a service PAAS platform as a service SAAS software as a service STAAS storage as a service SECAAS security as a service DAAS data as a service TEAAS test environment as a service DAAS desktop as a service APIAAS API as a service Cloud computing is popular on mobile devices and lately game consoles as a way to keep you data and settings synced across multiple devices. Windows 8 will allow you to optionally use it with their cloud service “skydrive” which will keep your settings between computers you log into and also provide you with remote storage.

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