3d Interior Design

I want to design any interiors using a 3D package for the pc. I have tried several home design programmes but I find these very limited for what I want to acheive, The choice of furniture and appliances are limited and the renders are poor. I would like a programme that allows me to design unique pieces of furniture and finish with quality renders, textures and lighting effects. Programmes I have considered are turbocad 11 and 3D max but these look complicated I am a complete begineer with this sort of programme and wouldn't have a clue where to start. Can anyone recommend any programmes that will help me acheive what I want that would be fairly easy for a novice to pick up and preferably one with a printed manual rather than an online manual. Thanks in advance. Today I found out that… Well for what I think what you want is a really good 3D software, but the problem with this kind of software is that its really a bit tricky to learn and an expensive software. My advice, is try the older versions of 3D Max, it could still do the trick for you and its more affordable and not that too complicated.

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