Patio Garden Ideas

Hi. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas on a low budget garden and patio. As of now, we are in a manufactured home with no steps on the front. So we need to build steps to a patio or a deck with steps. Also I would like to put in a low […]

Luxury Home Interiors

I want my house to give my house a look of Indian palace , like the luxury hotels of rajasthan . They have all the modern luxury but still retain that ethnic Indian flavor of royalty , any website that can help me find . After speaking to others on the web, I found the […]

Decorating Home

Why is it the rest of the yr is so easy to decorate your home seasonally – but every yr after Christmas/New Year I'm left scratching my head wondering "how do I decoarte, now?" It's too late for fall, too early for Spring, I don't want to leave my Christmas stuff up. . Any ideas? […]


This for my senior project and I need as much information as possible. Secrets, tips, techniques, materials, recipes, types/styles, history/background, etc. Everything and anything you can think of that has to do with cake decorating. Do you know what I found? Decorating with buttercream icing is a very versatile decorating icing and very tasty to […]

Interior Design Software Free

I need a software (a free one) to decorate my room. Well, I have your answer right here. That is interior DECORATING, NOT interior design (huge difference). I don't know of any software but there is probably a inexpensive one floating around the clearance bins at Best Buy. Just pick draw out some options for […]

New Emerging Technology

Its a stupid research paper I have to do for emerging technology. . Any HELP. Today I found out that… Ethanol is an example of an emerging technology. It was originally made from sugar cane, potatoes, manioc and corn. New methods are being formulated to make ethanol from many other types of renewable resources. Computers […]

Mba Technology Management

I want to do MBA in Information Technology through distance learning in India , I need the syllabus details and the institutes offering MBA. Well, I have your answer. MBA (IT) is indeed a very good option for you as this sector has a lot to offer in terms of career prospects. There are various […]

Homes And Gardens Furniture

There was a great Better Homes Gardens Autumn Lane Cabinet Hutch Black that I was looking at – available at WalMart. Thought I'd wait just a few more weeks – now it seems to be gone (unavailable) – even from the WalMart web site Please suggest where I may look for Better Homes Gardens "Autumn […]

Hi Tech Gadgets

I'm actually making a researched regarding that and how it will affect to the daily life in such an individual. I want any deep explaination or maybe a summarize perhaps. Pls. Help me I need it so badly. I was happy to learn… Well, there are a lot of cause and effects of high tech […]

Interiors Designers

Hey frnds,I am in b. Com final year, n am doing interior design from iift raipur 1 year diploma course n I am very much interested in interiors so for my bright future n career I should do job? Is 1 year diploma is sufficient or I should study further?? Plz suggest me so I […]