Tropical Garden Ideas

I want to get married in an indoor tropical garden during November, December, or January. The garden will be decorated for Xmas during most of the season. What are any colors I could use (not RED) and flowers that would be good for this season and location. After looking around, I learned — I think using a "winter" white (meaning somewhere between stark white and cream", with a midnight blue and fir tree green (not emerald, like a christmas tree). That will make a pretty bouquet for you, and the florist could place a few fern leaves in the mix. For bridesmaids dresses, try to find that blue or green color in a silk finish, not satin, not super shiny. Reflective, just not super shiny. Shiny just gives off a "cool" feeling, what you're trying to do is merge warm and cold (tropical and winter). Blue and green are "cool" colors, so you want to "warm" them up by not being too shiny or icey. That page has any interesting ideas, just rather than the turquoise and lime shades, you want to veer more towards a wintery blue and green. Sapphire colored accessories for the bride can come off very pretty too, with a white or off white gown.

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