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I want to be able to take digital images, import them onto the pc, then make changes to the room to better visualize and tinker with ideas such as colors, changing a window into a door(much more complex than just changing colors there.) and little thing even like carpet etc. Everything out there allows you to change colors of stuff, but I want to find something that will allow me to see what our fireplace would look like with the stone off of it, and a colonial style mantle, and removed window for exchange of french doors opening to a newly proposed deck. Could there be any software that can do this? Photoshop MIGHT if you take a long time and find enough sample material to put in there, you probably could get a rough idea, but all the design software out there is just 3d software that isn't really YOUR room per se. 3d and real are two totally different things after it's all said and done. Thus my reason for wanting to use real images to edit. *** I've already done exhaustive searching on interior design software. None allow you to import your own images (other than stupid things like flowers, colors etc). I need something that can edit MY images to see what MY space is REALLY going to look like. I already have 30 – 3d software programs that can do room layouts and computer generated visualizations of the project at hand. . I need REAL world visualization. What I found out was – This really calls for a 3-d program or something CAD related. If you can handle things from the sketch level, you may find this interesting. It has huge potential and implications. It has great tutorials. Conversely, you will have any specific industry related applications such as. . I dont design interiors so I am not very knowledgeable on this particular software. Try a google search for "interior design software". That should point you to what you need. Hope that helps Nigel

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