Dental Technology

. I was so glad to find this — Dental Assistant Salaries by State Compensation levels for dental assistants also vary from state to state because differences in cost of living, how demanded dental assistants are, and other local factors. Here is list of average dental assistant salaries in some the most populous states in the US: California – $12. 96 New York – $14. 92 Illinois – $14. 86 Pennsylvania – $13. 13 Georgia – $14. 66 Ohio – $13. 27 Virginia – $14. 49 Dental Assistant Salaries by City The salary of a dental assistant will also depend on what city they live in. Here is a list of average dental assistant salaries from some of largest cities in the US: Las Vegas – $15. 49 Chicago – $14. 59 Atlanta – $14. 93 Tulsa – $13. 74 New York – $17. 00 Houston – $12. 33 Charlotte – $16. 42 I think you meant dental assistant?

Laura has always wanted to work with her hands. Studying Dental Technology has given her the opportunity to combine her creative needs with a fantastic caree. . .

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