Media Technology

. Well, I have your answer. How media and technology influences community health? Well, technology must have influences community health as technology plays a very big role in making it possible and easier to carry out a medical procedure. A dialysis machine, for example, is a technology which is being used to treat kidney failure. […]

Ideas For Your Garden

I have a daughter who is special needs and she goes to mainstream school, I am thinking of getting a sensory garden put up around the school, I think it will benefit a lot of other children at the school, does anyone know any fund raising ideas or who I can approach for a grant […]

Garden Design Inspiration

. I think I found an answer. Yes, definitely. I would think that if you have a vivid imagination (being an artist), you would find great inspiration from mostly anything, let alone geomorphology. With research/study you will find relativity between design/function and geomorphology. Geomorphology (from Greek: , ge, "earth"; , morf, "form"; and , logos, […]

Meaning Of Technology

. Well, I have your answer right here. Separate: Science – Science (from Latin: Scientia, meaning "knowledge&quot is a systematic enterprise of gathering knowledge about the world and organizing and condensing that knowledge into testable laws and theories. [1] As knowledge has increased, some methods have proved more reliable than others, and today the scientific […]

Oxford Gene Technology

The Scientific World is turning to God. As people have certainly been influenced by me, I want to try and correct the enormous damage I may have done. (Anthony Flew) The newspapers these days are echoing with these regret-filled words by Antony Flew, in his time a well-known atheist philosopher. The 81-year-old British professor of […]

Micro Technology

How is micro technology used in scientific research. What I found out was – Micro Technologies systems combines state-of-the-art technologies such as GPS, wireless communications, and business intelligence with a full array of sensors to ensure integrity, security and efficiency. Microtechnology is technology with features near one micrometre (one millionth of a metre, or 10-6 […]

Smart House Technology

I am writing an English essay on technology, but I am kind of having a writer's block right now, so I need any suggestions. A smart house takes care of ones housework at ones command. In a smart house, all gadgets are synchronized in one way and controlled by a remote. I emphasized on the […]