Decoration For Home

I wana decore my floor sitting , drawing room , stairs n some stnone decoration for bring effect of small garden in coridor , in my small home thanks. Essentially — For decorating your home always go for contrast colors. If the paint colors are dark then go for light color decorations and the vice […]

Landscaping Ideas

Anyone know a website where I could get pics of home landscaping to get some ideas. Well, I've your answer. Color is one of the basic elements of landscape design. Click on the pictures in this gallery for examples of how to put color theory into practice in your landscaping: The photos in this gallery […]

Backyard Garden Ideas

I plan on clearing out much of my backyard and redoing it. I had planned on raising chickens however decided on ducks. Next to the duck's house will be a pond full of plants for them to eat. However, the pond will be big enough that we will harvest Tilapia in it. We will be […]

Starting a maintenance business from home.

Ways On How You Can Start A Business In Home Maintenance. Having a business in home maintenance will be of great chance for you to diversify your tasks on a daily basis. These types of maintenance businesses are good for entrepreneurs who love performing their job with their hands. There is a great demand for […]

Advantage Of Technology

I am currently working on getting my Master's degree in Business Technology. At the time I figured Business Technology was or meant that I would be basically working on the technology part of Business. My passion is computers I Absolutely love computers so I'm hoping that my definition of Business Technology is correct. My question […]

Smart House Technology

I am doing a paper, and it's really important that I come up with as many really different smart technology that many people don't know of. We all know of the house, and the phone. I need something really different. Please help. . Do you know what I found? A host of so-called smart technologies […]

3d Interior Design

I want to design any interiors using a 3D package for the pc. I have tried several home design programmes but I find these very limited for what I want to acheive, The choice of furniture and appliances are limited and the renders are poor. I would like a programme that allows me to design […]

6th Sense Technology

14 minute video program, believe me it's Worth watching it. Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data — including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop". In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open […]

Room Interior Design

I moved into a house 9 months ago and the loft conversion is great but awkward. It has the stairs in the middle of the room very low ceilings on both sides then its high in the middle, it's shape enough to walk around but the stais are in the way. Also there is space […]

3d Printing Technology

With current 3D Printing technology how many consumer products that we use in the would be able to be created through the use of 3D Printing. I think I found an answer. The limits are our imaginations. I went to an exhibition last yr by new designers. One of them had created a pair of […]