Design A Garden

What is the best way to design a herb garden. Essentially — Plan your garden before planting it. Consider the herbs you want to plant and what you'll use them for. Herbs grow in various ways; some herbs, such as thyme, are low growing and spreading while others, such as parsley, grow in clumps. Mint […]

Interior Design Firm

My name is vishnu p pillai,iam qualified interior designer,i was working in dubai last 6 years as an interior designer,now iam starting my own interior design firm in india, plz help me to find an attractive name for my firm. I think I found an answer. Oh that's cool check out these names :- 1)V […]

Ati Technologies Inc

I have hp pavilion dv6 with core i5 460M cpu and 4G Ram and intel hd graphics (64mb-1696). The problem is when I open dxdiag then choose display the name appear intel hd graphics and the manufacture is ATI Technologies Inc, how that could be? I know intel is a company and ati ( amd […]

House Decorating Tips

This weekend my fiancee went to florida to look at a house were getting hes coming back wednesday. (i miss him already) and I was wondering how should I decorate our house I want it to have a really nice vibe to it and have it comfortable for anyone whoever comes in I don't know […]

Buffalo Technology

. . Storage LS-W2 0TGL R1 Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Buffalo Technology LinkStation Pro Duo 2 TB Network Attached Storage LS-W2 0TGL R1. And so today I found out that… Customer Reviews Buffalo Technology LinkStation Pro Duo 2 TB Network Attached Storage LS-W2. 0TGL/R1 (Black) 15 Reviews 5 star: (10) […]

Webinar Technology

I'm thinking of holding an online webinar and need to do a bit of research into what this involves. . I'm quite new to this technology so any helpful info would be much appreciated. Ultimately, in your option, what software in the current online / digital market place is 'the best' for online webinars? Many […]

The Latest Technology

I'm building website and like to include as many latest applications & technology in site. Please suggest what can be the possible inclusions. What I found out was – "include as many latest applications & technology" Why? You should only incorporate technologies as you need them. If you try to use too much with no […]

Cloud Technology

Can someone clarify what cloud technology is? My understanding of it from reading articles is that it's pretty much. . . . Web 2. 0, which is pretty much web applications. If this is not 100% correct, what are the differences. Basically… Cloud computing is Internet- ("cloud-&quot based development and use of computer technology ("computing&quot. […]

New Science Discoveries

WHEN someone says, 'I believe only in what I can see,' he is not speaking literally. Actually, we all believe in things that we cannot see. For example, at school you may have performed an experhyment designed to prove the existence of a magnetic field. It may go like this: Sprinkle iron filings on a […]

Technology Transfer

. After looking around, I learned — Nuclear transfer technology involves transferring the complete genetic material from the nucleus of a cultured donor cell to a mature recipient egg whose own nucleus has been removed. The resulting offspring are genetically identical to the founder animal who supplied the donor nucleus (see diagram). For diagram refer […]